Mad cash

“My boyfriend makes mad cash! Look what he bought me yesterday!”

Slang of the day:  mad cash

Similar phrases:  mad money, mad bank

Meaning:  lots of money

Usage:  I got a job offer and they offered me some mad cash!


Tony – I really need to get a new job.  I just don’t make enough money.

Doug – Oh man, I’m sorry to hear that.

Tony – It’s okay.  I’ll find something and then I can pay rent.

Doug – I make mad cash, so let me know if you need some money.

Tony – Um, yeah, I didn’t need to know that, but thanks for the offer.

2 thoughts on “Mad cash”

  1. great, It’s really kind of Doug here in this dialoge who is sort of a rock for Tony (that means a shoulder to cry on)
    By the way let me tell couple of words about your husband’s blog. First of all you have a very handsome husband and like your website, I love reading his blogs. The audio files were just for the titles and I wonder why?!! still I’m sure he has a great podcast voice.
    Keep going,

    love you
    The writing style is also very friendly and cool.

  2. I think he did it that way just because those are the new words that are taught. He said he is going to try to record a whole post and see how it goes. 🙂 Thanks to your recommendation. 🙂

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