I’ve gotta jet! See ya!

I’ve gotta jet!

Slang of the Day: jet

Meaing:  Another word for go or leave.

Usage:  Sorry, but I’ve gotta jet!


Nicky – Well, we’re all done now.

Prissy – Great, I’m so glad we finally finished decorating the room. I really need to jet.

Nicky – Really?  You headed off?  I thought maybe we could get together for a drink or a little something something.

Prissy – Maybe in your dreams.

Nicky – *sigh*



You’re PDQ!

Slang of the day:  PDQ

Meaning:  PDQ means Pretty Darn Quick

Usage:  You’re PDQ!


Nathan – Wow, your basketball skills are great! You are PDQ down the court.

Tye – Thanks, but what does PDQ mean?

Nathan – PDQ, you know Pretty Darn Quick.

Tye – huh?

Nathan thinks to himself – Obviously the dude is not Pretty Darn Quick in his head!


You’re the Cat’s Meow!


You’re the cat’s meow!

Slang of the Day:  the cat’s meow

Meaing:  The ‘cat’s meow’ is a phrase that means great!  It’s an old phrase created back in the 20’s, but it’s still fun to say at times.

Usage:  You’re the cat’s meow!


Susie – Okay, you’re all done.

Nate – Thanks for helping me with my homework. You’re the cat’s meow.

Susie – So are you!  You helped me so much with my presentation last week!