“My clothes are really quite grubby after I worked so hard at the farm.”

Slang of the day: grubby

Meaning: dirty, messy

Usage: Do you ever wash your clothes? They are always so grubby.

Peter – I’ve been working all day out on the ranch.
Paul – You don’t say…
Peter – I’m serious, I rode my horse for probably 4 hours checking on the cattle.
Paul – I know you did.
Peter – How can you tell?
Paul – I can tell by your grubby clothes and your smell.
Peter – Oh.

5 thoughts on “grubby”

  1. Another great lesson as I expected.
    A huge thank you from my behalf however I’m pretty sure that all of English Guru’s fans are on the same page from this point of view.

  2. Hadi,
    Thanks so much for you great comment!! I really appreciate it. When I get comments like this, it makes blogging so worth it!! *hugs*

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