At a Pizza Parlor

Here are some expressions you can use or you may hear when ordering pizza at a restaurant.

“I’d like a slice of pizza.” – A slice means a single piece of pizza.

“Can I have extra cheese on my pizza?”

“I’d like a meat-lovers pizza.” – A meat-lovers pizza usually has all of the kinds of meat that the restaurant serves. Usually pepperoni, sausage, Canadian bacon and hamburger.

“Do you have any specials today?” – A special is a meal that is cheaper than normal. The pizza parlor I go to has a lunch special where you get 2 slices of pizza and a soft drink for $6.

“What toppings would you like on your pizza?” – This is what the waitress might ask you in order to find out what you’d like on top of your pizza.

“Thin crust, hand tossed or pan?” – Lots of restaurants have different types of crusts. Pan can sometimes be called thick crust.

Here’s a typical dialog. You will be the customer and say what you’d like to order:

Waitress: May I take your order?


Waitress: What kind of crust would you like? We have thin or thick crusts.


Waitress: And which toppings would you like?


Waitress: Is there anything else you’d like? Something to drink?


Waitress: Great, it will be about 10 minutes. I’ll bring your drink right over.

Autumn Vocabulary

I’m so anxious for Autumn to come that I am writing a post about some Autumn vocabulary words you can use.

Fall – It’s another word for Autumn and is probably used more often than Autumn (at least where I live). It symbolizes the leaves falling from the trees.

harvest – This is when people gather their fruits and vegetables that they grew on their farm or in their garden. (Please note, our vegetable garden only made 2 pieces of corn. That was it. So sad.)

rake – This is a verb that means to gather leaves. This is usually done with a rake (a noun). This is a long gardening tool with metal or plastic strips that gather leaves.

cornucopia – This is a type of horn that is filled with fruits and vegetables. (see picture.)

crisp – This is a word used to describe very cool weather.

There are lots of other Autumn words – leave a comment if you can think of other good ones. Also, leave me a comment about anything else you’d like to say.