It’s really gross to pick your nose!

Slang of the day:  gross

Meaning:  disgusting or offensive

Usage:  Billy is so gross because he always picks his nose and then wipes it on me!! YUCK!


Tom – Did you see Sally last night?

Tim – Yeah, she drank way too much and ended up vomiting all over herself and her date.

Tom – It was so gross.

Tim – Oh yeah, it was.  I’m sure it was their last date.


“It’s been raining for 2 solid weeks and it’s driving me nuts.”

Slang of the day: solid

Meaning: consecutive

Usage: I’ve been in a bad mood for 3 solid days.

Dialog: *on the phone*
Sam – Wow, it’s so sunny here in Texas.
Mia – That’s great!
Sam – Well, it is hot too. How’s the weather there in France?
Mia – It’s been raining for 5 solid days.
Sam – Oh, that’s no fun.
Mia – yup.

Laid back

“I’m always so laid back when I go to the beach!”

Slang of the day:  laid back

Meaning:  relaxed and/or calm

Usage:  You are a very laid back person.  I never see you get angry.


Phil – The neighbor’s dog just pooped in our yard.

Sue – Oh, okay.

Phil – Why do you have to be so laid back.  I think we should pick it up and throw it back in their yard.

Sue – Let’s not do that.  They are such nice people and I’m sure it was an accident.

Learning English Through Dreaming

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You’re a real pro!

“Wow, look at that kid. He’s a real pro at soccer.”

Slang of the day:  pro

Meaning:  someone who is really good at something – a professional

Usage:  I can’t believe what a great ping pong player you are.  You’re such a pro.


Doug – Wanna play football with me?

Tim – I don’t know.  You are so good at it.  I won’t have a chance.

Doug – I’ve seen you play too.  You’re a pro at it!


“$224?  What a rip-off!  That shirt doesn’t even look that great.”

Slang of the day:  rip-off

Meaning:  something that is overpriced (too expensive)

Usage:  I wanted to buy those cool shades, but they were 500 dollars!  A total rip-off!


Brian – Hey Yvonne, I like your new shirt.

Yvonne – Thanks.  It only cost me 200 Euros.

Brian – Wow, you totally got ripped-off.

Yvonne – Really? You think so?  *sigh*


“I’m so cool in my new shades!”

Slang of the day:  shades

Meaning:  sunglasses

Usage:  It’s so sunny outside.  I need to find my shades and wear them today.


Tim – How do you like my new shades?

Sue – Wow, how much did they cost?  They look expensive.

Tim – It doesn’t matter.  There is no price too big for the coolness that these glasses give me!

Sue – Right…


“What are we having for dinner mom?”  Tom asked his mother.
“Spuds!!!” she replied.

Slang of the day:  Spuds

Meaning:  Potatoes

Usage:  I love eating spuds, especially with a lot of butter.


Mom – I’ve been slaving in the kitchen all day long making this great dinner.  I hope you all like it.

Dad – What is this mushy gooey stuff?

Mom – Those are spuds! What did you think they were?

Dad – Oh, um, that’s exactly what I thought they were. I was just, um, kidding. hahaha.

Mom – haha, right.

I’m as blind as a bat!

“I can’t find my glasses anywhere and without them I’m as blind as a bat! Is that a mouse in front of me?”

Slang of the day:  blind as a bat

Meaning:  one’s eyesight is very bad

Usage:  I think I need to get some glasses. I’m as blind as a bat lately.


Doctor – How’s your eyesight these days? Can you see the big E on the chart?

George – No Doc.  Not at all. I’m as blind as a bat.

Doctor – Well, let’s get you some glasses then.

George – Thanks Doc.