American Slang,English Vocabulary 4 August 2011 | 2 Comments

“Ha, ha, look at that dude’s rug!! You can totally tell it’s not his real hair.”

Slang of the day:  rug

Meaning:  wig or toupee

Usage:  I’m losing too much hair, maybe it’s time for me to buy a rug.


Dick – Did you happen to see Ted today?

Wendy – You mean Ted and his new rug.  Yeah, I did see that.

Dick – It looks good, but when you are bald one day and then the next day you have hair, it’s kind of obvious.

2 Responses on “Rug”

  1. hadi says:

    Wearing rugs especially “blond” ones comes in handy for the ladies who are always eager to look younger.
    very cool slang anyway.

  2. hadi says:

    “Blond one” or “come in handy” corrects the grammatical mistake, sorry about that.

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