Make-up Vocabulary

Have you ever been curious about different words for various make-up that women (or men) put on their faces? Here are a few of the main types of make-up.

base or foundation – This is the liquid make-up that is applied to the skin on your face.

cover up– This is similar to foundation, but it only hides a blemish.

blush – This is the reddish color that is put on your cheek bones.

lipstick – This is what you put on your lips.

lip gloss – This is like lip stick but is shinier and appears almost wet.

eyeliner – This is usually black or brown and it outlines the eye.

eyeshadow – This make-up is applied on the eyelids and above the eyes.

mascara – This is applied to the eyelashes to make them appear darker.

eyebrow pencil – This is used to fill in your eyebrows, if you want them to appear darker.


There are probably times when you don’t hear and/or understand what someone just said to you. Especially on the phone when the reception isn’t good. Here are a variety of ways to ask some one to repeat what they just said.

I’m sorry, could you say that again?

Can you please repeat what you just said?

I didn’t hear you. Could you repeat it?

I don’t understand what you are saying. Can you rephrase it?

I apologize, I missed what you said. Could you say it again please?

I’m having trouble hearing you. Can you speak louder and repeat what you just said?

You’re speaking too fast for me. Can you slow down and say it again?

Pardon me? Excuse me? (You can use either of these before any of the above phrases or you can use either of these phrases alone.)

Come again? (This phrase is more familiar and slightly negative.)

Say what? (This is when you don’t really understand what someone said or you don’t believe what someone said. Teens use it a lot.)

What? (This is used a lot, but isn’t as polite as some of the other ways. It’s better to say this in person and you can add a smile to it. Then it isn’t as abrasive.)

Huh? (This is what most kids say. (Okay, and me too sometimes.))