Hole in one

 “Hole in one!”

“Hole in one!”  is a expression used when a golfer gets their golf ball in the hole in only one stroke.  However, it can also be used in other circumstances.  It can mean that you succeeded on your first try.  Read this dialog to see how else you can use it:

Paul – I scored a hole in one today!

Pete – Really?  You golf?

Paul – No, not me, but I sold my house  right after the first viewing!

Pete – Wow, that is a hole in one, especially in this economy.


“XYZ, dude!”

Slang of the day:  XYZ

Meaning:  eXamine Your Zipper (You’re zipper (fly) is open on your pants.)  Children use this more, but I’ve heard adults say it as well.

Usage:  You just say – “XYZ”


Peter – Bwahhahahahaha

Nate – What?

Peter – Bwahahahaha

Nate – What, man?

Peter – XYZ

Nate – Oh that. *zip*  Are you in 2nd grade or something?

Peter – Actually I never got past 1st grade.

Nate – Figures.

Scared stiff

The poor boy was scared stiff when he saw a spaceship flying through the sky.

Slang of the day:  scared stiff

Meaning:  so frightened that you are unable to move

Usage:  I was scared stiff when I saw who was at my door.


Mandy – Did you hear the wind howling last night from the hurricane?

Angie – I sure did, I was scared stiff.  How about you?

Mandy – Not me, I went to the beach to watch the waves.

Angie – You are nuts.

Mandy – Yup.

Stud muffin

Slang of the day: stud muffin

Meaning:  A very attractive man

Usage:  I think Brad Pitt is a complete stud muffin!


Sue – What do you think of that new boy Phil in our English class?

Brittany – You mean that dork that just sits there and texts on his phone?

Sue – Yes, but I don’t think he’s a dork. I think he’s a stud muffin.  Hopefully “MY” stud muffin soon!


Man up!

“I’m so scared of the crabs!” Doug screamed.
“Man up!! They are only a few inches wide!” Paul replied.

Slang of the day: man up

Meaning:  be brave, be strong, rise up to the occasion (usually only said to men)

Usage:  You need to man up and start paying child support. You owe it to your kids!


At the movie theater

Phil:  Ahhhhhh!!!! This movie is scary.

Sally:  Really? I don’t think it is.

Phil:  Oh my goodness.  I can’t believe he just did that!

Sally:  Really Phil?  Stop covering your eyes and man up!  If not, I’m going to find myself a new date.

Phil:  Actually, I just wanted you to get scared so we could cuddle up together.

Sally:  Oh well in that case…


“Oh my gosh!!! This teacher is a total windbag. He just talks and talks and won’t stop!!”

Slang of the day:  windbag

Meaning:  Someone who won’t stop talking and is rather boring.

Usage:  My dad is a windbag when it comes to talking about fishing.


Professor McHenry – So as I was saying the blue piece actually connects to the red piece and then you look at the purple piece and….

Dawn whispering to Sam – Wow, who would’ve thought that rocket science could be so boring?

Sam whispering back to Dawn – I know.  This prof is a complete windbag.  Here’s hoping the semester passes quickly!


Goody two-shoes

“No thank you mother, I already ate a cookie. That’s enough for me.”
(What a goody two-shoes!)

Slang of the day:  goody two-shoes

Meaning:  a person who is so nice and good that it is annoying to others

Usage:  You are such a goody two-shoes.  Did you really have to tell the police man you were actually speeding when he pulled you over for a busted headlight?


Teacher – Class, today we are going to start with painting pictures of the Statue of Liberty.

Dot – Excuse me Mrs. Gumdrop.

Teacher – Yes Dot.

Dot – You are supposed to give us a quiz on our reading from last night.  You said we’d have the quiz first thing today.

Teacher – Oh, yes, you are right.  Thank you.  Class, please remove everything from the top of your desk except a piece of paper and a pen.

Paul whispering to Dot – Dot you are such a goody two-shoes!!!


“Do you have a buck I could borrow?” “Sure!”

Slang of the day:  buck

Meaning:  a dollar

Usage:  I just found a buck laying on the ground – score!


Clerk – That will be 1 dollar and 10 cents.

Peter – I only have a buck.  Can you spot me the 10 cents?

Clerk – Um…well…no!

Piece of cake

“Cooking is a piece of cake for me! Just call me Master Chef!”

Slang of the day:  piece of cake

Meaning:  easy to do

Usage:  I took my history exam today; it was a piece of cake!


Ted – What did you do today?

Sue – I rebuilt my car’s engine today.

Ted – Wow, that seems difficult.

Sue – Not for me.  It was a piece of cake.


“Hey look! There are some of my peeps!”

Slang of the day: peeps

Meaning: people

Usage: Tonight I’m going to hang out with my peeps.

Tad – What are you going to do tonight?
Todd – I’m going on a date with my girlfriend. What about you?
Tad – I’m going to chill with my peeps.
Todd – So, you really have no plans?
Tad – Okay, you got me, I have nothing going on tonight.