They’re, Their and There

Here are 3 words that sometimes people get confused: they’re, their and there. They are all pronounced the same way.

They’re is the contraction for ‘they are”.
They’re at the grocery store. (They are at the grocery store.)

Their is the possessive adjective of them.
It’s their book that I love reading so much. (The book belongs to them.)

There refers to a place either concrete or abstract.
Sally hid the gift over there.
There is the pet store.

Here’s a mini quiz to see if you have them straight in your head.

1. I really wanted to try some of _______ cookies.
2. ________ my best friends in the entire world.
3. I want to build my new house right ______.
4. _______ is no place like home.
5. Sue accidentally ate ________ candybars.

1. their
2. They’re
3. there
4. There
5. their

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