“Yikes! Are you serious?”

Slang of the day: yikes

Meaning: an exclamation showing surprise

Usage: Yikes, I can’t believe that happened.

Susan – I got an ‘A’ on my history test. How did you do on it?
Tim – I got a ‘D’.
Susan – Yikes!
Tim – And I also caught a stomach bug.
Susan – Double Yikes!

Sweet tooth

“She has a sweet tooth!”

Slang of the day:  sweet tooth

Meaning:  liking sweet food (candy, cake, chocolate, etc.)

Usage:  I feel like eating a big piece of cake!  Ever since I got pregnant I have a real sweet tooth.


Ted – I can’t believe you just ate 6 cupcakes.  You’re going to get a huge belly ache.

Sue – Not me, I have a sweet tooth and I live for sweets!


“I’m so wired after drinking this coke.”
Slang of the day:  wired
Meaning:  to be very alert and full of energy
Usage:  Wow, I’m wired. I drank 10 cokes back to back.
Fred – How are you doing today?  Are you ready for our big exam?
Sam – I’m okay. I’m a bit tired. 
Fred – Not me, I’m 100% ready to go!
Sam – How?  Didn’t you pull an all-nighter like me?
Fred – I did, but then I followed it by downing 5 cups of coffee.
Sam – Yikes, you must be wired!


She really has the munchies!

Slang of the day: munchies

Meaning: snack food or a craving for snack food

Usage: Look at all of the munchies this party has!

Burt – I’m so hungry, I could eat a huge hamburger right now.
Dot – Sorry Burt, but we only have light munchies at our party.
Burt – That’s fine. I’ll fill up on munchies.
***10 minutes later
Dot – Where did all of the food go?
Burt – In my stomach.

Green Thumb

Green Thumb

Slang of the day: green thumb

Meaning: to be good at gardening and growing plants

Usage: Wow, your plants are beautiful; you must have a green thumb.

Sally – I can’t grow any plants. Every time I plant one, it dies within days.
Doug – That’s so sad.
Sally – Yeah, it is. Obviously I don’t have a green thumb like you do.
Doug – I can teach you how much water to give your plants.
Sally – Water? You have to water plants?
Doug – Well, that’s is your problem right there.



Slang of the day:  booze

Meaning:  alcohol

Usage:  Here’s some booze for you. Drink up!

Fred – Oh my God, I think I drank way too much tonight.
Dan – You think?
Fred – Well, the jello shots were just so good.
Dan – They had a lot of booze in them.
Fred – I only had 10.
Dan – Yeah, that is enough to make you sick.
Fred – Oh man, I gotta go to the bathroom…

Boo boo

“I have a boo boo on my hand.”

Slang of the day: boo boo

Meaning: This word is mainly used with children. It’s a small injury, like a scratch or cut.

Usage: Did baby fall down and get a boo boo?

Sue – Whaaaaaaaa!!!
Mom – What happened?
Sue – Fell down, hurt!
Mom – Oh, you got a boo boo. I’m sorry. Let me kiss it and make it all better.
Sue – Thanks mama.


“Jeez, that girl’s clothes are just too loud!”

Slang of the day:  loud

Meaning:  bright or garish

Usage:  Are you sure you want to buy that hot pink top?  It’s so loud!!


Fred – Nice outfit.

Sally – Thanks.

Fred – And aren’t you going to say anything about my new hat?

Sally – It’s loud.  There is nothing more I can say about it.

Fred – oh.

Pig Out

“I’m totally pigging out on cotton candy!”

Slang of the day:  to pig out

Meaning:  to eat a lot of food

Usage:  Everyday after I come home from work, I pig out on chips and soda.


Dana – I’m glad you are enjoying the ice cream I gave you.

Chris – I really am.

Dana – I had no idea you were going to pig out and eat the whole carton of ice cream though.

Chris – Sorry about that. I was really hungry!