“I’m so wired after drinking this coke.”
Slang of the day:  wired
Meaning:  to be very alert and full of energy
Usage:  Wow, I’m wired. I drank 10 cokes back to back.
Fred – How are you doing today?  Are you ready for our big exam?
Sam – I’m okay. I’m a bit tired. 
Fred – Not me, I’m 100% ready to go!
Sam – How?  Didn’t you pull an all-nighter like me?
Fred – I did, but then I followed it by downing 5 cups of coffee.
Sam – Yikes, you must be wired!

2 thoughts on “Wired”

  1. Wired? Good to know what it means…

    I’m almost never wired in the morning even after a nice cup of coffee. I’m a “night owl”. I’m wired at night.
    Than you Yvonne

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