American Slang,English Vocabulary 10 August 2011 | 5 Comments

“Jeez, that girl’s clothes are just too loud!”

Slang of the day:  loud

Meaning:  bright or garish

Usage:  Are you sure you want to buy that hot pink top?  It’s so loud!!


Fred – Nice outfit.

Sally – Thanks.

Fred – And aren’t you going to say anything about my new hat?

Sally – It’s loud.  There is nothing more I can say about it.

Fred – oh.

5 Responses on “Loud”

  1. AyaTRSK says:

    This girl’s hair of the picture is also laud!

  2. Bettina says:

    My clothes are always “silent”. Haha, just kidding! Most of the time I like wearing black.
    Your questions are always fun Yvonne. They inspire me to have a look on your site . You awake my curiosity and bit by bit my vocabulary will grow up. Learning with fun, enjoying the process is the most important for me. I love the English language!
    Thanks Yvonne

  3. hadi says:

    Girls are really into this type of things, I don’t know why. Once in a blue moon you hear a boy might dress in such a way.
    By the way, Bettina I have a great slang for you and I want our English Guru to comment on it:
    pique your curiosity; and if something piques your curiosity then it makes you interested in and you as a result follow it to get more of that special thing.

  4. hadi says:

    And one more thing, are we allowed to share some learning materials here with other people?

  5. Yvonne says:

    Hi Hadi, Sure, please do share anything you learn here. :0)

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