Green Thumb

Green Thumb

Slang of the day: green thumb

Meaning: to be good at gardening and growing plants

Usage: Wow, your plants are beautiful; you must have a green thumb.

Sally – I can’t grow any plants. Every time I plant one, it dies within days.
Doug – That’s so sad.
Sally – Yeah, it is. Obviously I don’t have a green thumb like you do.
Doug – I can teach you how much water to give your plants.
Sally – Water? You have to water plants?
Doug – Well, that’s is your problem right there.

4 thoughts on “Green Thumb”

  1. My mom has a green thumb and we have almost from every vegetable in our little garden.
    It reminds me of a cartoon I watched when I was a kid ( probably it was a movie I’m not sure) The boy touched everything with his thumb and magically it turned into a green plant and started growing. The boy finally stopped the war between two countries in a really surprising way. Maybe I should do a google for it.

  2. The dialogs are funny. Not surprising that Sally’s plants died…

    Luckily, I have a green thumb. Not only I give them some water but I also talk to them. However it’s my husband who is gardening and I admire the plants and flowers.
    I miss German woods. I love forests.

    You’ll not be surprised that once more you taught me something new!
    I just don’t know how to pronounce “thumb”.

  3. Bettina, I don’t really have a green thumb. I actually killed my mom’s cactus plant and you hardly have to water those. I love the German woods too. So beautiful there! As for the pronunciation of ‘thumb’. Don’t say the ‘b’ and you will probably be okay. I should record it for you.

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