Slang of the day:  booze

Meaning:  alcohol

Usage:  Here’s some booze for you. Drink up!

Fred – Oh my God, I think I drank way too much tonight.
Dan – You think?
Fred – Well, the jello shots were just so good.
Dan – They had a lot of booze in them.
Fred – I only had 10.
Dan – Yeah, that is enough to make you sick.
Fred – Oh man, I gotta go to the bathroom…

12 thoughts on “Booze”

  1. As always I discover that sometimes I drink some booze! Wow, if you continue, I’ll be ready for a trip to the USA. Everybody will understand me.
    Maybe I’ll buy some loud clothes there and pig out some junk food like a humongous hamburger for example.

    I’m looking forward to your next slang of the day. Trust me,
    I’ll always be all ears !

    Thanks again, Yvonne

  2. Wow Bettina, You just summed up the last week of slang in 1 really great sentence. 🙂 Way to go!! I think you will be ready for that trip in no time!! 🙂

  3. Yeah, isn’t that awesome!
    Only one week ago, I wouldn’t have been able to leave this comment. I didn’t even understand its meaning. You gave me a hand and taught me a lot.
    Now, all I’ve to do is to use these slang word very often. I’ll put them in stories written by my own.
    The most difficult task is to never ever forget about. I wouldn’t loose it. I would like remember it forever.
    I hope I will…

  4. If you keep practicing and writing, you’ll never lose them! 🙂 I’m really so happy I could help you Bettina. Your comments make me posting to my blog worthwhile!

  5. I’m often wondering what keeps people like you motivated to help English Language Learners?
    At least , I saw that you get some really nice comments. It must not be easy every day.
    Making podcasts for example. You’ve to invest money. By the way, the sound quality of your micro is perfect.
    Maybe your kids inspires you to help us. Do your kids learning different languages? Do they know Texas? Where do they like living the most?
    Well, I’m sorry. I might be too curious!
    Ta Ta for now !

  6. I remember George Yule linguistic books, one of them talked about the relationship between drinking beer and improving foreign accent. To top it off, nowadays scientists proved that drinking beer has a salutary effect on people’s life ( like reducing stress, precluding heart attach in the long term and on and on) Alcoholic drinks by the way, we shouldn’t drink them excessively.

  7. Hi Hadi,
    Really? Are you kidding?
    Well maybe after drinking a glass of beer, we’ll feel more comfortable and less shy to speak English!
    Perhaps I’ll give a try…

  8. No, technically it has the idea of affecting your vocal cords in a subtle way. It’s an idea Bettina, It works for me a great deal. I’m not pretending even a tiny bit. I’m pretty much sure of it.
    “The best way to learn anything, is to make mistakes but more importantly learn from those mistakes. “

  9. Bettina, I would like to recommend a really useful podcast for you. Two canadian brothers are talking about lot’s of different topics and then discuss it in a really fun way. Their product normally goes for 9$ but now you can access it totally free

    copy paste the link to your browser and enjoy learning English.
    Their company is called ( owned by Andy and Addison Best)
    Another really powerful podcast producer which is free as well, go to
    over 100 amazing lessons.

  10. Bettina, For me, I see helping people learn English as a way to learn about other cultures as well as meet fun and interesting people like you. I also see it as a hobby. That’s why it means so much to me to get nice comments. 🙂 My kids are learning French. They go to French public school, so they were thrown into it. They have lived in France (twice), Ireland, Canada, Texas, South Carolina. They prefer Canada over all of the places.

  11. Hi Hadi,
    Thanks for the links. I know them and I’m sure that some people will find them very useful. It’s nice that you share links of sites you appreciate.
    I do so as well when I specially like a site. I posted a video of Yvonne on my favorite site and yesterday I added Yvonne’s site as well. There is a big choice on the internet for English Language Learners. We’ve just to pick up which seems to be the best for us. Everybody has his own idea how to learn.
    As me, you like learning English. Keep on practicing with fun!

  12. Hi Yvonne,
    As always thanks for your reply.
    When visiting your site I immediately noticed that you enjoy it and that you take it as a hobby. We can see it between the lines.
    I envy your kids ! They have the good luck to live in many different countries.
    Long years ago, I stayed in Montreal for some months and I loved being there. Above all, I was impressed to meet so many extremely friendly people there. Unfortunately, I haven’t time to visit the English speaking part. I only visited Quebec but for some reasons I preferred Montreal. However in my opinion the wintertime is just a little bit too long there even if I love snow.
    … Ireland, Canada, Texas, South Carolina these “words”make me dream.
    Actually I’m reading the book written by Graham E. Fuller ” How To Learn A Foreign Language”. I really recommend it.
    Yeah, by learning a foreign language, you discover people, their culture and so much more. It’s just out of this word .

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