“Look at my humongous candy bar!”

Slang of the day:  humongous

Meaning:  huge, enormous

Usage:  That lady has a humongous hat. Wow


Deb – Hey, I like your bow tie.

Phil – Thanks.

Deb – It’s humongous, but it’s still really sharp.

8 thoughts on “Humongous”

  1. Please tell me Yvonne,
    Does people still employ this word or is it old fashion?
    I’m listening for hours every day to all kind of different podcasts ( not only to those for English learners!) but I’ve never heart this word before.

  2. I was once told by my 6th grade Language Arts teacher that it was an amalgamation of huge and monstrous. In your research, have you run into this etymology?

  3. I think it’s more common for native speakers to use Ginormous(Giant and Enormous) instead of this kind of bulky word. The word “Huge” is also very popular.
    By the way, once you asked me where am I from, I live in Iran Yvonne.

  4. Hi Hadi,
    I don’t use Ginormous (but I’m sure lots of people do??). I do use gigantic though. And you are right, huge is very popular. 🙂

  5. Hey Doug,
    Yes, it’s a cross between huge and monstrous and some people said tremendous as well. Also, FYI, it was coined in the 1960s. Ginormous (a word someone else commented on), is a newer word. Do you ever hear this word? I really haven’t.

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