Goody two-shoes

“No thank you mother, I already ate a cookie. That’s enough for me.”
(What a goody two-shoes!)

Slang of the day:  goody two-shoes

Meaning:  a person who is so nice and good that it is annoying to others

Usage:  You are such a goody two-shoes.  Did you really have to tell the police man you were actually speeding when he pulled you over for a busted headlight?


Teacher – Class, today we are going to start with painting pictures of the Statue of Liberty.

Dot – Excuse me Mrs. Gumdrop.

Teacher – Yes Dot.

Dot – You are supposed to give us a quiz on our reading from last night.  You said we’d have the quiz first thing today.

Teacher – Oh, yes, you are right.  Thank you.  Class, please remove everything from the top of your desk except a piece of paper and a pen.

Paul whispering to Dot – Dot you are such a goody two-shoes!!!

2 thoughts on “Goody two-shoes”

  1. Hmmm, doesn it it also mean, who is only good to please other but inside he is not good?? I mean that is why it is “two” shoes.

  2. Clark, I’ve never heard it mean that the person is bad on the inside. There is an old book with the same name, but linguists think the phrase came before the book. According to some sites I read, the origin is unknown.

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