Pinch Poke, You Owe Me a Coke!

English Fun 2 May 2012 | 5 Comments

Pinch poke, you owe me a coke!

Slang of the day:  Pinch poke, you owe me a coke!

Meaning:  This is a silly saying you can say when you and a friend say something at the exact same time!

Usage:  Pinch poke, you owe me a coke!


Mom – Who wants the green juice and who wants the orange juice.

Sally and Tommy say at the exact same time – I want the green one.

Tommy – Pinch poke, you owe me a coke!

Sally – I’ll give you a coke, if you give me the green juice.

Tommy – never!

Mom – *sigh*

5 Responses on “Pinch Poke, You Owe Me a Coke!”

  1. I like it. Very catchy.

  2. Yvonne says:

    🙂 Thanks for your comment! I agree – catchy and fun to say!

  3. George Messier says:

    OK english guru

    what we are really interested in is the origin of the expression. Maybe even information on its origin date and place.

  4. Yvonne says:

    If I come across any information on it, I’ll let you know. But, origin, date and place of expressions are not points that I try to focus on.

  5. Lazins Blazeit says:

    You could just say jinx, you owe me a soda like everyone else. No one but embryos would say something like this. And urban dictionary has better definitions and slang meanings.

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