All Ears

American Slang,English Vocabulary 7 August 2011 | 2 Comments

The students were all ears as their teacher spoke.

Slang of the day:  all ears

Meaning:  to listen carefully and attentively

Usage:  When my husband speaks; I’m all ears.


Doug – Did you hear what the teacher said in class today about the test?

Peter – Nope, I fell asleep.

Doug – Really?  You should be all ears or you’ll end up failing for the year.

Peter – So.

Doug – Well, if you don’t care, never mind.

2 Responses on “All Ears”

  1. hadi says:

    wow, I’ve been away for a while but it doesn’t mean that I was sort of couch potato!! There was something wrong with my PC. Anyway, I’ve heard about this slang before. That was an american movie and there was a scene where mom was talking to her son. In the middle of their conversation, mom said : Hey, you listening to me? and the boy said in a crazy way: Yes mom, I’m all ears…. cannot remmeber the name of the movie sorry!

  2. Yvonne says:

    Yes, I’ve missed you Hadi! Glad your PC Is better.

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