I feel like I’m going to croak!


Meaning: to die

Usage: I really feel like I’m going to croak.


Nurse – What brought you to my office today Sally? You seem a bit feverish.
Sally – Yes, I feel like I have fever and aches.
Nurse – Do you think you can stay here the rest of the day at school?
Sally – No, I feel like I’m going to croak!

10 thoughts on “I feel like I’m going to croak!”

  1. Going to croak, bite the dust,
    pushing up daisies,
    6 feet under,
    Breathing my last breath,
    on my last leg,

  2. A good slang word of the day.

    The word “croak” is also used to describe the sound a frog or a toad makes… I believe the reason it’s also used as “to die” is to refer to the fact that sometimes people make that same sort of ragged breathing out sound when they die. I’m not sure!

  3. I feel like I’m gonna croak if I’m forced to control air-conditioning to save electricity right now. This expression is particularly applies to the devastated people cos of the radioactive accidents in Fukushima, the catastrophes in The East Japan.

  4. I’m in Kyiv and it was boiling here last week. But now the weather has improved and it’s really pleasant.

    btw I’m sending you tweets but get no reply. Do you see them?

  5. Hi Olya, I haven’t seen any tweets from you, except for yesterday. I’ll reply to it shortly. 🙂 Are you on FB. I’m much better on FB than twitter. 🙂 The weather here in France is really nice now.

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