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Have any of you started to use Facebook yet?  If you haven’t started yet, I just wanted to let you know it’s another great place, like Twitter, to practice your English.

There are lots of ways to utilize Facebook, so you can practice English.  Below are three ways to learn English on Facebook.

1. You can connect to other English learners through joining groups and pages.

Here are a few pages to ‘like’:

The English Guru – This is my Facebook page. I try to engage people by having interactive conversations. I also post links to aid you with your English learning.

Livemocha – I just love Live mocha’s website. Their page on Facebook is a great resource as well.

EnglishBrnoCZ – Nina posts a lot of great links, tips, and videos that will help you in your English learning journey.

2. Posting your status

You can post things that are happening to you that are important, funny, interesting, etc.   Then, your friends can respond back to you and you can have a conversation.  Having a conversation on Facebook is nice because you can see the entire conversation and multiple people can join in the fun.

3. Connecting and reconnecting to English speaking friends

You can connect to your Twitter friends and other friends who speak English on Facebook. You can talk with your friends via Facebook email, IMs, posting on their wall or replying to their statuses.

All in all, Facebook is a great social media tool, not only to find long lost friends, but a great place to make new friends and practice English.

17 thoughts on “Three Ways to use Facebook to Learn English”

  1. you can add a facebook “like” button for this site..makes it easier to share this article/site in fb

  2. I don’t have a ‘like’ button, but I have a ‘fan’ button for facebook which is the same thing. I never changed the button’s name after FB changed their wording. So, you make a good point. Thanks so much!

  3. I’m currently running a closed experiment using a Facebook group as an LMS (Learning Management System) for ESL students. They are alll different levels and the group is now at 26 and growing…it’s getting interesting 🙂

  4. I’ve been to, the details of it’s 1-on-1 tuition is very limited and opaque. British Council has 500,000 members and Livemocha has 100,000. Is there any better place to learn English? Accessment, peer group discussion and 1to1 training with creativity, fun and dedication…is is really that hard?

  5. Livemocha is great! I really love their lessons.

    An excellent source for learning English via Facebook is the VOA Learning English Facebook page. Their ESL teachers are top notch:

    Livemocha liked what the VOA Facebook page was doing and used the same model. I love your English Guru page! I love how you use your personal stories and travels to make us learn English better. Thank you Guru for your lessons.

    British Council is stellar. Guardian newspaper also has a cool way to teach English. I think the best thing is to use the bits and pieces that best fit your learning style!

  6. Thanks so much Mariana for the links and compliments. I appreciate it! I just love helping people with their English.

  7. I’m so fascinated by the contents I found on your FB pages. I believe I’m going to gain a lot.

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