Useful Rhymes

There are a few rhymes/poems that English speakers say often to help remember simple things. Here are a few of them that I use often.

Do you need to unscrew a lid or turn a faucet, remember this saying:
Righty tighty, lefty loosey

Can’t remember how to spell certain ‘ie’ words, here’s a good one that native English speakers are taught in school:
I before e except after c. (Unfortunately there are many exceptions to this rule like neighbor.)

How many days does May have? Memorize this poem and you’ll remember…
30 days has September, April, June and November,
All the rest have 31, except for February – the shortest one. 28 is all it stores, ’til leap year gives it one day more.

4 thoughts on “Useful Rhymes”

  1. How many days does the month have? poems in Japan.

    “Nishi Muku Samurai Shou no Tsuki”

    meanes: The Samurai looks to the west, There is the small moon.

    but the sound of words meanes number.
    “Nishi” meanes west, but the same sounds are 2, 4.
    “Muku” meanes look to, but the same sounds are 6, 9.
    “Samurai” meanes Samurai, but written by ten & one is 11.
    “Shou no Tsuki” meanes small moon (small month), less than 31 days.

    Samurai poemes!!

  2. I don’t know this poem was written by whom. However lots of people knows this poem.
    For long years, the poem is used because of to memorize the months which are 31days month or not.

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