Outer Space Idioms

For some reason I kept thinking about outer space today. So, I thought I’d write out a few of my favorite space related idioms and expressions in English:

Out of this world – Something that is exceptional
Wow, your cooking is out of this world!

Reach for the stars – Work towards a goal
If you reach for the stars, all of your dreams will come true!

Moon – to pull down your pants (and underwear) and show someone your backside
I dare you to moon those people over there. (Please don’t, it’s just an example. :))

Moonshine – illegal homemade whisky
Are you making moonshine in your garage?

Are you from Mars? – This is really asking someone if they are crazy or why are they different (like a Martian).
You’re wearing that outfit? You must be from Mars.

Sunshine – a cute, affectionate name for a friend or loved one
Good morning Sunshine. How are you? (Sunshine is not the light outside, but the person in front of you.)

Sunny – an adjective to describe someone who is cheerful and happy
You sure are sunny today, something good must’ve happened to you.

12 thoughts on “Outer Space Idioms”

  1. I like this one,’Reach for the stars’.
    very romantic.
    I think that the difference between Martian and Human is not as big as that of Jupiterian and Human.

  2. I love “Reach for the stars” as well!
    And this is my contribution:
    “Once in a Blue Moon” (not very often)
    “The sky is the limit” ( the possibilities are endless)
    “Chase rainbows” (to try to do something that you will never achieve). I love this one!

    “Ask for the moon” (to make outlandish requests or demands for something)
    Here in Spain, we say “you are in the moon” when you are daydreaming, absent-minded…
    We also say “you see the stars” when you are in pain.

  3. I like the word Jupiterian; though I’ve haven’t heard it much. But, yes, I think you are right that the differences are bigger between them and us;however, there are no sayings that I can think of off the top of my head with Jupiter. If I think of some, I’ll let you know! Thanks so much for your comment and great thoughts!

  4. Great expressions. I thought of another one aftere I posted –

    Shoot for the moon! It’s similiar to reach for the starts. Here’s a good quote I once heard. Shoot for the moon. Even if you fail, you’ll land among the stars.

    Instead of “You are in the moon” for daydreaming, we say, “Your head is in the clouds.”
    And for pain we say, “I’m seeing stars.” So cool that we have similiar expressions!

  5. Good expressions! I didn’t know any of them. Maybe my english is not very casual because I don’t know plenty idioms…
    Actually, in spanish we also say “Estás en las nubes” (you’re in the clouds) to say that someone is distract. Oh, and pulling down your pants and underwear is call “hacer un calvo” (make a bald) in here. Pretty odd, huh?

  6. I love “hacer un calvo.” That is cool! It’s so interesting how langauges are simliar but so very different. Thanks for your comment! I appreciate you visiting my site!

  7. I love “Reach for the stars” because it reminds me of two great things:

    1-Carl Sagan.
    The American astronomer, popular science writer and host of the show Cosmos: A Personal Voyage 🙂

    2-STAR OCEAN 3: Till the End of Time.
    One of the games that has helped me the most to greatly improve my English, not only that but is an excellent sci-fi game, and I love sci-fi! :).

    That “moon” verb was hilarious! I didn’t know that one haha.

  8. Great comment! 2 great reasons for liking the phrase!

    Mooning is popular amongst high school boys. They think it’s very funny.

  9. Wow. I’m late on this topic. It’s been exactly a year since the last reply. I’m a song writer and am working on a song called “Makeshift Spaceship”. This was very helpful for drumming up more ideas to complete the song. So I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks:)

  10. I loved the ‘moon’ one! It made me laugh SO much! I’m using these for my project and I think my teacher will be very impressed! Thank you for these they made me laugh and they made me think about things in my life, also I can get a good grade!

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