To, too, & two

This post is about 3 different words that are sometimes confused:

To has many roles, like as a preposition or used as part of the infinitive phrase of a verb.
I walked to the store.
He went to the library, so that he could read.
I hope that he helps to clean up this mess.
Sally wanted me to cook her a big cake for her birthday.

Too is an adverb that means also or in excess.
She likes to eat ice cream too.
He was too tired to watch the TV show.

Two is the number 2.
I ate two pieces of cake.

One thought on “To, too, & two”

  1. Good post, teacher! 🙂

    Man, I just hope that when you say “3 different words that are sometimes confused” you mean ONLY by English learners and NOT by English native speakers HAHAHA.

    …Yeah, I know, I bet natives confuse this, too, don’t they? Oh man…

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