Giving Compliments

In American society it is very normal and nice to give compliments to friends or to anyone. Women especially love to hear compliments. (I know I do.) Here are a few expressions and situations that might help you learn when and how to give compliments.

Friend to Friend:
You can give compliments on clothing or other things.
“I love your sweater, where did you buy it?” – You ask where did you buy it not because you want to go out and buy the exact same one, but more out of interest.

“Your hair looks great, did you style it differently?”
“Wow, you look great. Have you been exercising?” or “You look really fit. Have you lost weight?” – You have to be careful with these. You don’t want to offend the person by implying that they are overweight or that they never exercised before. I also think that a man shouldn’t say these to women, because the woman might be offended.

“You’re my best friend.” “You’re sweet!” “You’re the greatest!” “You’re the best” – These are used when you want to comment on someone’s personality and how they act towards you. Or perhaps they just did you a favor.

“Your presentation was wonderful!” “I love the book you wrote.” “These cookies you made are delicious!”

Parents to children or teachers to children:
“I’m so impressed with you!” “Wow, look what you did!” “I’m so proud of you.” “You did great!” “Way to go”

Children to parents and teachers:
“You are a wonderful mom/dad! I love you!”
“You are my favorite teacher.” “I’m glad I’m in your class.”

Man to a women:
“Your eyes are beautiful.” “You are so gorgeous.” “Your hair is so silky.” “You have a beautiful complexion.”

Women to men:
“You’re handsome.” “You are so hot!” “You’re good-looking!”

Responses to compliments:
Thank you (so much)
That’s so kind of you to say so.
I’m glad you like (liked) it.
It was nothing.

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