Abbreviations in English

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Here is a list of some of the most used abbreviations in English.

FYI – For Your Information

IMO – In My Opinion

IMHO – In My Humble Opinion

IMNSHO – In My Not So Humble Opinion

ROFL – Roll On Floor Laughing

ROFLMAO – Roll On Floor Laughing My Bum Off (Not really Bum, but you can guess what it is.)

LMAO – Laugh my Bum off (Same as above)

DH – Dear Husband

DW – Dear Wife

DD – Dear Daughter

DS – Dear Son

TTFN – Ta Ta For Now (Just a way to say good-bye)

VIP – Very Important Person

BRB – Be Right Back

BTW – By The Way

w/ – with

w/o – without

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

LOL – Laugh Out Loud

OMG – Oh My God

TTYL – Talk To You Later

BTDT – Been there Done That

EOB – End of Business (the end of the work day)

EOD – End of Day

HTH – Hope This Helps

MPH – Mile Per Hour

WTF – What the *beep*

ASAP – As Soon As Possible

JK – Just Kidding

JJ – Just Joking

TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday

Ex . – Example

Etc. – Et cetera (Latin) (It means: and so on or and other things)

i.e. – id est (Latin) (It means: that is or in other words)

e.g. – exempli gratia (Latin) (It means: for the sake of example or simply for example)

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