Practice with comparisons

When you look at these apples, what do you see?
I see a green apple and a red apple.
How can you compare them? Think of how they are similar and different.
Here are some sample comparisons I came up with: The green apple is smaller than the red apple. The red apple is darker than the green apple.

Which of these cartoon characters is the tallest?
The boy with blond hair (or Fred) is the tallest.
What can you say about the two girls?
You can say that the Brunette has shorter hair. You can say that the red head has longer hair. What can you say is similar between the boys?
Fred’s hair is as long as Shaggy’s hair.

Now look at these animals. Who has the longest neck and is the tallest animal?
The giraffe has the longest neck and is the tallest of all of the animals.
Now, compare the tails of the animals.
You could something like this: The monkey has a shorter tail than the alligator.
Try to make up some sentences on your own and post a comment if you have any questions.

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