Wednesday’s Slang!

It’s Wednesday, as promised, I’m going to make a post about some useful slang words.



This is a huge number of something.
My son dropped the bag of candy and a bazillion pieces fell all over the floor.


This is something that is important.
It’s no biggie that you couldn’t make it to my party.


This means to celebrate.
Let’s go party tonight and hit all of the clubs!


This is a small child.
I’m sorry I can’t go out tonight. I have to watch my rugrats.

10 ways to say hello in English

There are oodles and oodles of various ways to say hello in English.  Here are my top 10 ways to say it.

1.  hi!

It’s plain, simple and to the point

2.  hey (or hey there)

I think I use this way to say hello more than any other way.  It’s very informal.

3.  what’s up? (or wazzup, or s’up)

You may have wondered how you answer this question. You can either say, ‘nothing much,” say what you are doing or just ask it right back without answering it.

4.  how’s it going?

I use this one quite often with my friends.

5.  yo!

I like using this too when I’m being silly.

6.  howdy!

Texan all the way. Yeehaw!!!

7.  what’s cookin’?

You can even take this further and say, “What’s cookin’, good lookin?”  I wouldn’t use this unless I was saying it to a close friend and trying to be funny.

8.  what’s shakin’?

I wouldn’t use this one either unless I said it to a friend and was trying to be funny.

9.  how are you doing today?

This is used a lot.  It’s nice, polite and very friendly.

10.  good morning or good evening

You could use either of these; however, I don’t hear people say good evening as much as good morning.

Some Slang

Here are a few slang words that you can use, just be careful with some of them as some are negative.


This means gossip.
You have to tell me the dirt on Penny. Something is just not right with her.


This is someone who is boring or someone who brings everyone down.
Fred is being such a drag. Let’s not invite him to go out with us next time.


This is someone who is weak and/or timid.
Don’t be such a wuss.  Just come horseback riding with us!


This word means the same thing as a wuss. Someone who is weak and/or timid.
You are such a wimp. Just be a man and do your thing.

Wednesday’s Slang!

Here are some great slang expressions that I really love to use:

Get a move on!

I use this expression so much with my children that now my daughter is using it. It means that you want someone to speed up or get going.
Mom, I’m going to be late for school, let’s get a move on!

Let’s get cracking!

This means to get started doing something.
Right after the alarm rang, I jumped out of bed and yelled, “Let’s get cracking!”

good egg

This means the person you are talking about is a good person.
That little boy, Henry, he’s really a good egg. I think you should invite him to your party.

brain is fried

This can refer to using drugs, but it can also mean that you have studied or learned a lot and your brain is mentally tired.
Wow, I just took a 5 hour exam, my brain is totally fried!

7 ways to say that you understand…

Want a more creative way to tell someone that you understand what they are saying?  Here are 7 different expressions that have similar meanings to I understand.

I feel your pain

– This expression is used more when you are empathizing with someone and what they are going through.
Wow, that is terrible that your husband cheated on you, I feel your pain, my husband did the same thing to me last year. (FYI – not true.)

I know where you are coming from

– This means that you understand the situation that the person is in.
I know where you are coming from, it must be so hard to have to go through that.

I’ve been down that road

– This means that you understand the emotions they are going through because something similar happened to you.
Your daughter has chicken pox? I’m so sorry, I’ve been down that road before, it isn’t fun.

I hear you

– This is the same as the one above; it means that you understand what the person is going through.
Yup, I hear you alright. I knew that guy was bad news.

10-4 (ten four)

– This is a code that you is used on radio scanners. It means that the person has received the message and they understand what was said.

I follow you

– This means that you are following the line of conversation that is going on with you and the person who you are talking to.
Yes, I totally follow you, it must’ve been so hard for you.

Roger or Roger that

– It is used in military or aircraft aviation and means that the person receiving the message heard everything that was said.

Wednesday’s Slang!

As mentioned last week, Wednesday is the day that I will highlight some American English slang.  Usually phrases that I said frequently throughout the week.

the skinny

This is information that you really want to hear about or need.
Give me the skinny about the concert!


This is a cut or bruise, when you hurt yourself, usually used with children. Or it can also mean a mistake that you did.
Did baby fall down and get a boo-boo?


Although this means a male deer, in slang it means a dollar.
Hey, can you give me a buck? I wanna buy a coke.


This means to be disappointed about something.
I’m so bummed that my package didn’t come in the mail today.

6 Great Texan Sayings

Yeehaw! As many of you know, I was born and raised in Texas. I thought it would be interesting for you to read about some Texan sayings. Some of these can be heard throughout the Southern states of the USA as well. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

nu-uh – This simply means no.
Nu-uh, I’m not going there today!

shoot – We use this word where you might use the word ‘darn’.
Shoot, I really wanted to watch the football game tonight and I missed it!

wore-out – This comes from ‘worn out’. It means to be tired.
The cowboy is all wore out from his trip across the valley.

y’all – The contraction used for ‘you all’ down in the South.
When are y’all going to come over for dinner?

fixing to – This means you are about to do something. I use this a lot and my mother-in-law always points it out.
I’m fixing to go out to the store and buy some milk.

hissy fit – This is when someone gets really mad.
Wow, did you see her throw that hissy fit last night when her husband showed up with lipstick on his collar. Yikes!

Some Slang for the Soul

I love teaching English and helping people learn a new language since learning foreign languages is my favorite pastime.  What I love even more is teaching slang!!!  I’ve decided to dedicate Wednesdays (even though today is Thursday, I’ll be doing it on Wednesdays in the future) to teaching you all some slang phrases.  Here are a few that I’ve used a lot in the last few days:


This means to lurk or linger.
Why are the students lollygagging in front of the school when they should be in class?


This is simliar to lollygag.
“Stop your dilly-dallying and come and eat breakfast!” she said to her son. (Yes, I say this all of the time to my own son.)

get your act together

This meants to get organized with what you are doing. It is a bit negative to say to someone.
“Get your act together, we need to leave now,” Sally said to Mark.