Wednesday’s Slang!

Here are some great slang expressions that I really love to use:

Get a move on!

I use this expression so much with my children that now my daughter is using it. It means that you want someone to speed up or get going.
Mom, I’m going to be late for school, let’s get a move on!

Let’s get cracking!

This means to get started doing something.
Right after the alarm rang, I jumped out of bed and yelled, “Let’s get cracking!”

good egg

This means the person you are talking about is a good person.
That little boy, Henry, he’s really a good egg. I think you should invite him to your party.

brain is fried

This can refer to using drugs, but it can also mean that you have studied or learned a lot and your brain is mentally tired.
Wow, I just took a 5 hour exam, my brain is totally fried!

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