Wednesday’s Slang!

It’s Wednesday, as promised, I’m going to make a post about some useful slang words.



This is a huge number of something.
My son dropped the bag of candy and a bazillion pieces fell all over the floor.


This is something that is important.
It’s no biggie that you couldn’t make it to my party.


This means to celebrate.
Let’s go party tonight and hit all of the clubs!


This is a small child.
I’m sorry I can’t go out tonight. I have to watch my rugrats.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Slang!”

  1. Looks like I gotta favorite this link cos I can’t look up some slang in my dictionary.

  2. What the heck!? So that’s the origin of Rugrats, the series about adventurous babies? LOL!

  3. Yes, Gabriel. Crazy, huh? I made 1 typo though. I wrote rugrats at 2 words, it should be one. I’m changing that now.

  4. Not 2 worry; I know some of the slang R so brand-new most dictionary publishers find it so hard to keep up w/z the trend. Some words R out, others R in – that’s how things go.

  5. Very cool post.

    I think they’re called rugrats because of the way that, as babies, they crawl around on the rug (which is another word for carpet). Maybe that is obvious even to non-English speakers – but I thought I would point it out!

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