Some Slang for the Soul

I love teaching English and helping people learn a new language since learning foreign languages is my favorite pastime.  What I love even more is teaching slang!!!  I’ve decided to dedicate Wednesdays (even though today is Thursday, I’ll be doing it on Wednesdays in the future) to teaching you all some slang phrases.  Here are a few that I’ve used a lot in the last few days:


This means to lurk or linger.
Why are the students lollygagging in front of the school when they should be in class?


This is simliar to lollygag.
“Stop your dilly-dallying and come and eat breakfast!” she said to her son. (Yes, I say this all of the time to my own son.)

get your act together

This meants to get organized with what you are doing. It is a bit negative to say to someone.
“Get your act together, we need to leave now,” Sally said to Mark.

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