7 ways to say that you understand…

Want a more creative way to tell someone that you understand what they are saying?  Here are 7 different expressions that have similar meanings to I understand.

I feel your pain

– This expression is used more when you are empathizing with someone and what they are going through.
Wow, that is terrible that your husband cheated on you, I feel your pain, my husband did the same thing to me last year. (FYI – not true.)

I know where you are coming from

– This means that you understand the situation that the person is in.
I know where you are coming from, it must be so hard to have to go through that.

I’ve been down that road

– This means that you understand the emotions they are going through because something similar happened to you.
Your daughter has chicken pox? I’m so sorry, I’ve been down that road before, it isn’t fun.

I hear you

– This is the same as the one above; it means that you understand what the person is going through.
Yup, I hear you alright. I knew that guy was bad news.

10-4 (ten four)

– This is a code that you is used on radio scanners. It means that the person has received the message and they understand what was said.

I follow you

– This means that you are following the line of conversation that is going on with you and the person who you are talking to.
Yes, I totally follow you, it must’ve been so hard for you.

Roger or Roger that

– It is used in military or aircraft aviation and means that the person receiving the message heard everything that was said.

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