10 ways to say hello in English

There are oodles and oodles of various ways to say hello in English.  Here are my top 10 ways to say it.

1.  hi!

It’s plain, simple and to the point

2.  hey (or hey there)

I think I use this way to say hello more than any other way.  It’s very informal.

3.  what’s up? (or wazzup, or s’up)

You may have wondered how you answer this question. You can either say, ‘nothing much,” say what you are doing or just ask it right back without answering it.

4.  how’s it going?

I use this one quite often with my friends.

5.  yo!

I like using this too when I’m being silly.

6.  howdy!

Texan all the way. Yeehaw!!!

7.  what’s cookin’?

You can even take this further and say, “What’s cookin’, good lookin?”  I wouldn’t use this unless I was saying it to a close friend and trying to be funny.

8.  what’s shakin’?

I wouldn’t use this one either unless I said it to a friend and was trying to be funny.

9.  how are you doing today?

This is used a lot.  It’s nice, polite and very friendly.

10.  good morning or good evening

You could use either of these; however, I don’t hear people say good evening as much as good morning.

4 thoughts on “10 ways to say hello in English”

  1. I’m probably wrong, but isn’t howdy what Ned Flanders from The Simpsons says? Anyway, I’m gonna use it from now on, it’s superb lol What’s cooking sounds good too.

  2. I’ve heard him say: Hi-diddly-ho before Gabriel, but honestly I haven’t watched that show in many years, so I’m not sure.

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