Scared stiff

The poor boy was scared stiff when he saw a spaceship flying through the sky.

Slang of the day:  scared stiff

Meaning:  so frightened that you are unable to move

Usage:  I was scared stiff when I saw who was at my door.


Mandy – Did you hear the wind howling last night from the hurricane?

Angie – I sure did, I was scared stiff.  How about you?

Mandy – Not me, I went to the beach to watch the waves.

Angie – You are nuts.

Mandy – Yup.

Stud muffin

Slang of the day: stud muffin

Meaning:  A very attractive man

Usage:  I think Brad Pitt is a complete stud muffin!


Sue – What do you think of that new boy Phil in our English class?

Brittany – You mean that dork that just sits there and texts on his phone?

Sue – Yes, but I don’t think he’s a dork. I think he’s a stud muffin.  Hopefully “MY” stud muffin soon!


Man up!

“I’m so scared of the crabs!” Doug screamed.
“Man up!! They are only a few inches wide!” Paul replied.

Slang of the day: man up

Meaning:  be brave, be strong, rise up to the occasion (usually only said to men)

Usage:  You need to man up and start paying child support. You owe it to your kids!


At the movie theater

Phil:  Ahhhhhh!!!! This movie is scary.

Sally:  Really? I don’t think it is.

Phil:  Oh my goodness.  I can’t believe he just did that!

Sally:  Really Phil?  Stop covering your eyes and man up!  If not, I’m going to find myself a new date.

Phil:  Actually, I just wanted you to get scared so we could cuddle up together.

Sally:  Oh well in that case…


“Oh my gosh!!! This teacher is a total windbag. He just talks and talks and won’t stop!!”

Slang of the day:  windbag

Meaning:  Someone who won’t stop talking and is rather boring.

Usage:  My dad is a windbag when it comes to talking about fishing.


Professor McHenry – So as I was saying the blue piece actually connects to the red piece and then you look at the purple piece and….

Dawn whispering to Sam – Wow, who would’ve thought that rocket science could be so boring?

Sam whispering back to Dawn – I know.  This prof is a complete windbag.  Here’s hoping the semester passes quickly!


Goody two-shoes

“No thank you mother, I already ate a cookie. That’s enough for me.”
(What a goody two-shoes!)

Slang of the day:  goody two-shoes

Meaning:  a person who is so nice and good that it is annoying to others

Usage:  You are such a goody two-shoes.  Did you really have to tell the police man you were actually speeding when he pulled you over for a busted headlight?


Teacher – Class, today we are going to start with painting pictures of the Statue of Liberty.

Dot – Excuse me Mrs. Gumdrop.

Teacher – Yes Dot.

Dot – You are supposed to give us a quiz on our reading from last night.  You said we’d have the quiz first thing today.

Teacher – Oh, yes, you are right.  Thank you.  Class, please remove everything from the top of your desk except a piece of paper and a pen.

Paul whispering to Dot – Dot you are such a goody two-shoes!!!


“Do you have a buck I could borrow?” “Sure!”

Slang of the day:  buck

Meaning:  a dollar

Usage:  I just found a buck laying on the ground – score!


Clerk – That will be 1 dollar and 10 cents.

Peter – I only have a buck.  Can you spot me the 10 cents?

Clerk – Um…well…no!

Piece of cake

“Cooking is a piece of cake for me! Just call me Master Chef!”

Slang of the day:  piece of cake

Meaning:  easy to do

Usage:  I took my history exam today; it was a piece of cake!


Ted – What did you do today?

Sue – I rebuilt my car’s engine today.

Ted – Wow, that seems difficult.

Sue – Not for me.  It was a piece of cake.


“Hey look! There are some of my peeps!”

Slang of the day: peeps

Meaning: people

Usage: Tonight I’m going to hang out with my peeps.

Tad – What are you going to do tonight?
Todd – I’m going on a date with my girlfriend. What about you?
Tad – I’m going to chill with my peeps.
Todd – So, you really have no plans?
Tad – Okay, you got me, I have nothing going on tonight.


“Yikes! Are you serious?”

Slang of the day: yikes

Meaning: an exclamation showing surprise

Usage: Yikes, I can’t believe that happened.

Susan – I got an ‘A’ on my history test. How did you do on it?
Tim – I got a ‘D’.
Susan – Yikes!
Tim – And I also caught a stomach bug.
Susan – Double Yikes!

Sweet tooth

“She has a sweet tooth!”

Slang of the day:  sweet tooth

Meaning:  liking sweet food (candy, cake, chocolate, etc.)

Usage:  I feel like eating a big piece of cake!  Ever since I got pregnant I have a real sweet tooth.


Ted – I can’t believe you just ate 6 cupcakes.  You’re going to get a huge belly ache.

Sue – Not me, I have a sweet tooth and I live for sweets!