Man up!

“I’m so scared of the crabs!” Doug screamed.
“Man up!! They are only a few inches wide!” Paul replied.

Slang of the day: man up

Meaning:  be brave, be strong, rise up to the occasion (usually only said to men)

Usage:  You need to man up and start paying child support. You owe it to your kids!


At the movie theater

Phil:  Ahhhhhh!!!! This movie is scary.

Sally:  Really? I don’t think it is.

Phil:  Oh my goodness.  I can’t believe he just did that!

Sally:  Really Phil?  Stop covering your eyes and man up!  If not, I’m going to find myself a new date.

Phil:  Actually, I just wanted you to get scared so we could cuddle up together.

Sally:  Oh well in that case…

2 thoughts on “Man up!”

  1. I’ve never heart that… Maybe, I’m always surrounded by some very brave boys and men? Hahaha…
    As always, it’s pretty nice to know. Thanks for teaching us!

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