Cool Beans

Cool Beans!

Slang of the day:  Cool Beans!

Meaning:  This expression has nothing to do with beans.  It just means something is neat, awesome or cool.

Usage:  Cool Beans!


Xander – Guess what Claire!

Claire – What?

Xander – I made an A+ on my biology final exam.

Claire –  Wow, cool beans!

Xander – I know!!! Right!!

Claire – That’s so awesome! Let’s go celebrate with some pizza and root beer!


4 thoughts on “Cool Beans”

  1. Francisco, I always love your enthusiasm! The last time I used this expression was yesterday. I usually say something to one of my kids, then I think hey, that’s a good word for a post. So, I write it down on a list and then post about it later. Yes, people still say it. Not as much as people did in the 90s, but I still hear it. I don’t know of any movie quotes with it, but again, I’m horrible with movie quotes. 🙂

    I wouldn’t say this to my boss, unless I wanted to be funny, but it’s a good thing to say to kids or friends. But, it does come across (in my opinion) as a little lighthearted. Which is great for me, because that’s how I am.

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