He’s Such a Player!

OMG, He’s such a player!

Slang of the day:  player (There are also many alternative spellings and pronunciation like playa or playah.)

Meaning:  This word usually refers to a male who dates more than one person at time.  Usually getting a little something something from everyone he dates.

Usage:  I saw him kissing Tiff yesterday.  I knew he was a player!






Claire – Hey Chloe, how are things going with you and Aidan?

Chloe – Really great!

Claire – Are you sure?  I saw him getting it on with Nicki in the parking lot  yesterday.

Chloe – Oh well that’s okay.

Claire – You’re okay that he’s a player?

Chloe – We have an open relationship.  I was hanging out with Pete last night.

Claire – Oh, so you’re a player too.

Chloe – Ha! I guess so!

Claire – Whatever floats your boat!

5 thoughts on “He’s Such a Player!”

  1. I’m totally not!! Never was. I knew a lot of players though. It’s funny (and sad) to watch them in action.

  2. I don’t know the meaning of “Whatever floats your boat!”. Please let me know, thanks.

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