Five Random Things About Me!

Here are five random things about me that you might never have guessed:

1.  I like to crochet and make teddy bears. – I find it really relaxing to just sit back and do crafts with my hands.  I like to crochet while I’ll watching TV or just having a conversation with someone.  It’s very relaxing.

2.  I like to read sci-fi and horror books. – I love reading science fiction the best, but I sometimes like to read horror as well.  I love anything to do with zombies!  I don’t love zombies per se, but I love stories about them taking over the world.

3.  I love archery. – When I was younger I won many different awards in archery.  I had so much fun learning this sport.  This will come in handy in a zombie apocalypse.

4.  My favorite type of animals are horses. – I loved going horseback riding when I was younger.  If I had more time, I would go again, but alas when you are grown up there is not as much time to do fun things like this!

5.  I hate cooking.  – I’m not sure why, but I have never liked to cook – ever!  I’m okay with baking, but I really don’t enjoy cooking at all.

Please leave a comment about five random things about you!  I’d love to read them.

13 thoughts on “Five Random Things About Me!”

  1. You must love “The Walking Dead”! It is now on Channel 5 if my memory serves me right. (you can receive all British channels from France via satellite – Astra 2).

    Here are five things about me that anyone might have guessed:

    1. I like reading and writing
    2. I like sports, especially athletics (long-distance running)
    3. I love cats (and am very fond of dogs)

    I enjoy watching documentaries about any kind of animal but I have a soft spot for felines: lions, tigers, leopards, etc.!

    4. I have a never-ending curiosity about the world (and women).
    5. I’d like to travel around the world (but, alas, don’t have the money at present)

  2. Francisco, I do love The Walking Dead! I’ve seen every episode. It’s my favorite show! And thanks for commenting! I learned a lot about you!

  3. If you want to read random people, follow me! haha… my random comment is that I love teaching English, studying people’s behavior and training a lot.

  4. I like sci-fi books too, but I don’t like horror books. Anyway all books can take us over to another world.

  5. Hikoko,
    I don’t really like too many horror books, mostly just zombie books! I don’t want the books to be too scary or I’ll never sleep at night. Same with movies. 🙂

  6. Here are some random things.
    1. I like eating and cooking.
    This is my one of the reduction of stress.
    2. Riding my bicycle.
    3. Playing piano and guitar.
    4. Although I don’t have enough money, I want to travel all
    over the world.

  7. Brave as you like reading about zombies taking over the world!
    I cannot read horror books at all, because I would definately have nightmare that night. My friends are always being stunned how easy I would shed so much tears by reading or watching films.Ha~
    1. Maybe it is a little odd that i like reading fairy tales and hero lengends.
    2. I eat a lot of chilli and i hate soy.
    3. My favourite movie are You’ve Got Mail & Letters to Juliet.
    4. My palms are dry and I have tried many methods but no effect.
    5. I miss my hometown a lot.

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