If you snooze, you lose!

Here are some fun sayings that you can learn.  I like them because they rhyme and because they are quite useful.

If you snooze, you lose!

This means that if you wait too long, you may miss an opportunity.

Tim – Hey, I was going to sit there!
Sally – Well, if you snooze, you lose!

See you later alligator.

This is a fun way to say bye.

In a while crocodile.

This is the response to See you later alligator.

What’s the plan, Stan?

Even though the person you are talking to is not named Stan, you still use the word Stan because it rhymes. This phrase is used to find out what someone has planned for that day.

Sorry, Charlie!

This is like above, even though the person you are talking to is not named Charlie, you still say Charlie to them. This is a sarcastic way to say sorry.
Little girl – I wanted the last corn chip.
Mother – Sorry, Charlie!

4 thoughts on “If you snooze, you lose!”

  1. Your site is very funny. Japanese kids also use rhymes.”Sorry,sorry,hige sorry.” Hige sorry means a razor in Japanese.

  2. LOL Yuko, that’s funny and yet a little scary. We have one that is odd too – “Step in a crack and you break you mother’s back” You say this as a child when you are walking on the sidewalk, kind of a game to jump over cracks.

  3. This site is just great…!!!

    Could you please tell me if these two expressions have the same meaning?
    “If you snooze you lose” and “if You move yor feet you lose your seat”

  4. Those are similar, but to me, they are different. I’d only use the 2nd phrase when referring to a chair. Like If my husband was laying on the couch, then went to the fridge to grab a beer. Then, I’d steal his seat. The 1st phrase I’d use in more situations.

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