8 ways to say food in English

Food – everyone loves it and everyone needs it. ย Here are 8 different fun ways to say food in English.


Where’s the grub? I’m ready to eat!


You can use this as a noun or a verb.
Did you make the chow yet? I’m ready to chow down!!!


This word is usually a little negative when used to talk about human food because it is the food you feed to pigs.
What slop is that? It tastes like something pigs should eat.

takeout (or take-out)

This refers to food that you take away from a restaurant and then eat at home.
Let’s go to that Chinese food restaurant down the street and get some take out.

home cooking

I can’t wait to go home to visit my mom tonight. I’m ready for some home cooking!!!

fast food

Let’s go to Micky D’s and grab some fast food.


This word means the supplies that are necessary (especially food).
Don’t worry everyone, I brought the provisions.


This is the food you buy from the supermarket.
I need to go to the supermarket and buy some groceries.

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