Make-up Vocabulary

Have you ever been curious about different words for various make-up that women (or men) put on their faces? Here are a few of the main types of make-up.

base or foundation – This is the liquid make-up that is applied to the skin on your face.

cover up– This is similar to foundation, but it only hides a blemish.

blush – This is the reddish color that is put on your cheek bones.

lipstick – This is what you put on your lips.

lip gloss – This is like lip stick but is shinier and appears almost wet.

eyeliner – This is usually black or brown and it outlines the eye.

eyeshadow – This make-up is applied on the eyelids and above the eyes.

mascara – This is applied to the eyelashes to make them appear darker.

eyebrow pencil – This is used to fill in your eyebrows, if you want them to appear darker.

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