Autumn Vocabulary

I’m so anxious for Autumn to come that I am writing a post about some Autumn vocabulary words you can use.

Fall – It’s another word for Autumn and is probably used more often than Autumn (at least where I live). It symbolizes the leaves falling from the trees.

harvest – This is when people gather their fruits and vegetables that they grew on their farm or in their garden. (Please note, our vegetable garden only made 2 pieces of corn. That was it. So sad.)

rake – This is a verb that means to gather leaves. This is usually done with a rake (a noun). This is a long gardening tool with metal or plastic strips that gather leaves.

cornucopia – This is a type of horn that is filled with fruits and vegetables. (see picture.)

crisp – This is a word used to describe very cool weather.

There are lots of other Autumn words – leave a comment if you can think of other good ones. Also, leave me a comment about anything else you’d like to say.

5 thoughts on “Autumn Vocabulary”

  1. Nice post, teacher! =)

    I’m not a fan of Autumn, but it’s not so bad either 😛

    Several of those words I had not heard them before, so I’m glad you did this! I learned something new! 😀

    And guess what? NO TYPOS!! CONGRATULATIONS!! LOL.

    Although…there are wider gaps than normal between some words, must’ve been ’cause you hit the space key twice without noticing or something, it happens. But hey, other than that I don’t see anything wrong 🙂

  2. It’s my computer. I got it fixed and ever since then when I type it adds spaces. I try to go back and delete them, but I still miss a few. 🙂 Drives me nuts. I’m glad you learned some new words. Thanks for reading my blog!!!

  3. A rake is called “Kumade”, it means a bear’s hand.
    The tool which is made of metal or plastic with same way, and bamboo as well.

    Another decorated lucky charm “Kumade” which is put in a house. It brings wealth and happiness.
    I’m not sure, LOL but many families have them.

  4. Speaking of Autumn, Japanese common expression says “A Woman’s mind and Autumn sky.” It means that both are easy to change. Is it true? 🙂
    Btw, “Drive me nuts” is an interesting expression, isn’t it?

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