Ways to say Thanks!

There are a gazillion ways to say thank you! Here are a few of my favorite ones.

Thanks a milllion!

Thanks a bunch!

You rock!

I appreciate what you’ve done for me.

You are the bomb. (or You are da bomb.)

Many thanks.

Much gratitude.

I’m in your debt.

I owe you one.

Which is your favorite way to say thanks?

20 thoughts on “Ways to say Thanks!”

  1. Except “You rock!”, all of them are exactly as in Spanish! “Un millón de gracias”, “Muchísimas gracias”, “Aprecio lo que has hecho por mí” (I hadn’t heard this one, but it exists), “Eres la bomba”, “Muchas gracias”, ·”Estoy en deuda contigo” and “Te debo una”. The last one is my favourite, of course 😀

  2. Mmm… there is a lot of expressions. I can’t learn all of them without living in the US. Is there a expression ‘Thanks a ton’?

  3. Pick one or 2 that you like the most and practice them. Then it won’t be so overwhelming. Yes, we say, Thanks a ton as well. Thanks so much for the ocmment.

  4. Thanks for the advice and answer. I pick “Many thanks.” and “I’m in your debt.” I think that the latter fits for Japanese.

    FYI: You know, Japanese “Thank you” says “arigato”. It could be literally translated into English as “That’s hard to be existent.” I think the free translation of “arigato” would be “That’s a rare case.”

  5. An interest in “You rock!”.
    I suppose “rock” is used as a verb. It means you shake me with the greatness. Right?

    “Thanks a million!”
    If I have a thanks a little, Thanks a hundred! or Thanks a thousand!. Is it funny?

  6. Thanks a billion! Regarding to “rock”, I can understand the explanation. That kind of expression is hard to understand for me without explanation.

    Mmm… I thought that “Thanks a thousand! = Thanks a ton!”. Is it right? Anyway, I’ll use more than “million” if I have a thanks a lot 🙂

  7. came to say thank you=))) just used You Rock=))) love it so mush=))) don’t know why=)

  8. Yes, I suppose it can mean that one shakes with greatness. You can also think of it in terms of ‘rock and roll’ or someone being the best or surpreme.

    LOL – Thanks a hundred for showing less thanks. 🙂 That makes me smile!

  9. Yvonne! Thank u very much for adding my question to ur nice blog. I appreciate ur deep consideration!

  10. Yvonne! Thank u very much for adding my question to ur nice blog. I appreciate ur deep consideration & ur effort.

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