9 thoughts on “Sound Words in English”

  1. Useful video, teacher, as always! 🙂 Too bad I can’t give 5 stars anymore :/

  2. It’s so instructive for me to hear ur pitch & stress of voices.
    We can not learn from wrtten materials. So this site is practical for English learners. Yevvone provides us with wonderfu materials. I apprecate ur effforts!

  3. Love it,
    Seems to me that nobody else had think before to make videos like this. Genius idea.

  4. I’ve posted your video here:

    It’s my favorite forum where I found some really nice friendships. It’s a place where I feel free and where I’m learning by practicing almost everyday!

    I hope that all members will watch your video.

  5. I did it because I like to share interesting and helpful material on the Learn English Corner. I love being a member there because I learn with fun and I have a lot of friends there who study English just like me.

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