Talking about Movies – Part 2

Here are some more terms you can use when discussing movies:

“I give it 2 thumbs up.” – This means you really liked the movie. You could give it “1 thumb up”, which means it was just okay. “2 thumbs down” means you didn’t like it at all. When you say it, you put your thumbs up or down according to what you are saying. This expression comes from some movie critics who rate movies.

Rotten Tomatoes – You can also discuss its Rotten Tomatoes score. “It received 98% on Rotten Tomatoes; it must be good.” “It only got 8% on Rotten Tomatoes; you couldn’t pay me to watch it.”

Reviews – Along these same lines, you can talk about the reviews a movie received. “This movie got great reviews. I really want to see it!”

“That is 2 hours I’ll never get back again.” That’s a expression you can say about a movie or anything really that you disliked and felt like you wasted your time. I felt like that about the movie “Dr. T and the women.”

“That was a fantastic flick.” You can use any adjective before the word flick. Flick is another name for a movie.

“It was a total flop!” That means that the movie didn’t make any money and hardly anyone saw it. You can also call it a bomb.

“That movie was a sleeper.” (Also, sleeper hit or surprise hit) This means that the movie gained unexpected success or recognition.

“Did you check the listing to see when it starts?’ Listing is another way to talk about the show-times.

“Let’s get advanced tickets. I hear it’s going to fill up!” Advanced tickets are tickets you buy a few days or several hours before the movie. You can get them either on the Internet or at the box-office (ticket booth).

“It’s sold-out!” There are no more tickets for that showing of the movie.

In part 3, I’ll talk about the parts of a movie like plot, characters, etc.

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