Talking about Movies – Part 3

Here are more words and phrases for when you want to talk about movies.

The leading man/lady – The main male actor or female actress of a movie. You can also call them the star, leading actor/actress.

The supporting actor/actress – These are lessor roles in a movie than the roles of the leading actor/actress.

Bit part – This is an small acting role in a movie with usually under 6 spoken lines.

Extras – These are non-speaking roles. People just hanging out in the background pretending to be the crowd.

Movie soundtracks – All of the music for the movie.

Screenplay or script – It is written work made specifically for a movie. It can be adapted from a book like “Harry Potter” or “Lord of the Rings.”

Plot – This is the main plan or story of the movie. You can say, “The plot of that movie had holes in it!” This means you felt like there were pieces missing or the story line was wrong. On the flip side you can say, “That plot was tight!”

Here are some words you can use when describing how an actor or actress did in their role in a movie.

convincingHe was so convincing in that role. I really believed he was the King of England.

talentedShe is so talented. She’s a wonderful actress.

versatileHe’s such a versatile actor. I’ve seen him play a doctor, as well as a janitor.

good/bad – simple words, but we use them a lot when describing actors/actresses. Wow, he is a bad actor!

overactedOMG, she overacted so much in this movie. I didn’t believe her at all.

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