High School in the USA – Part 2 – Prom

Ahhhh, to be young again…just thinking about what to write about high school puts me back so many years! I feel like a kid again just thinking about the fun times I had in high school. Some of the most memorial times I had were at prom! Prom is a big dance that usually occurs in the early spring. Every school does it a little differently, so let me explain how prom was at my school.

At my school the 11th graders (juniors) were the ones who raised the money to put on the prom for themselves and for the 12th graders (the graduating seniors). The juniors, not only raised the money for the event, but they decorated, chose the theme, and put it all together. Our proms consisted of a really nice sit-down meal with a dance afterwards. However, lots of proms in the United States only have a dance and the couples go out to eat before the actual proms.

The best part of prom for me was wearing a fancy gown. I remember when I was a senior in high school. I had a beautiful black and gold dress that was short and sassy. Oh and I was Prom Queen when I was a senior. During every prom, a King and a Queen are elected by all of the people who are at the prom. I was lucky enough to be chosen! I was so excited and kind of confused because I didn’t expect it at all.

The picture shown here was at my senior prom.  I

Did you have a really fancy dance like prom when you went to school? Leave a comment and let me know!

6 thoughts on “High School in the USA – Part 2 – Prom”

  1. You were hot!

    I think people outside the US are quite familiar with proms from watching Hollywood movies. “Back to the future” springs to mind when Marty is asked to go to the prom by his own mother! (Please note, if you haven’t seen that movie, there’s a perfectly good explanation for it).

    It’s an honour to be chosen as Queen. How many people can say that?!

  2. I love Back to the Future! I just watched it the other night! Yes, it was an honor to be chosen! And thanks so much for your compliment! I appreciate it!

  3. Hi there, I hope you still remember me. I’ve been a fervent viewer of your website. I know it’s been a while but honestly I’ve been preparing for my M. A. . About 40 days from now till the exact time of the exam. Just wanted to tell you that I’ll never forget what a wonderful teacher you are.
    Catch you soooooooonest

  4. Dear English Guru, I don’t know if everything is all right with you ? I wish you were back here asap.

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