Bee’s Knees

Thanks for helping!  You’re the bee’s knees!

Slang of the day:  bee’s knees (There are also many alternative spellings like beez neez, etc.)

Meaning:  This saying means that you think someone or something is great or of high quality.

Usage:  Wow that restaurant we ate at last night was so yummy!  It surely was the bee’s knees!


Tia – I need some help with my homework.  Anyone willing to help?

Matt – Sure, I’ll help you!

Tia – Thanks Matt, you’re the bee’s knees!

5 thoughts on “Bee’s Knees”

  1. You’re welcome Francisco! I appreciate your comments and thanks! You are the bee’s knees in my book!

  2. No offense but some of the slang idioms you’re teaching belong in the history books. Never use this particular term though, unless you are an actor playing a character from the 70s who speak with a transatlantic accent. It’s clearly an old school phrase.

    Source: I’m a student of linguistics at the University of California and an ESL tutor in my free time. I just stumbled upon this site as I was looking for some materials to work with my students on

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