It’s really gross to pick your nose!

Slang of the day:  gross

Meaning:  disgusting or offensive

Usage:  Billy is so gross because he always picks his nose and then wipes it on me!! YUCK!


Tom – Did you see Sally last night?

Tim – Yeah, she drank way too much and ended up vomiting all over herself and her date.

Tom – It was so gross.

Tim – Oh yeah, it was.  I’m sure it was their last date.

2 thoughts on “Gross”

  1. hehehe, very interesting conversation especially toward the end of it when the lady threw up stuffs on the poor guys shirt. but I don’t think it’s too bad coz not everyone is principled in life and that’s the way it must be. Imagine how life would suck if everyone was polite!!!

  2. Never thought about that before Hadi, but it’s true. It would be very boring if everyone was polite and nice. hahahaha. So funny to think about.

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