Laid back

“I’m always so laid back when I go to the beach!”

Slang of the day:  laid back

Meaning:  relaxed and/or calm

Usage:  You are a very laid back person.  I never see you get angry.


Phil – The neighbor’s dog just pooped in our yard.

Sue – Oh, okay.

Phil – Why do you have to be so laid back.  I think we should pick it up and throw it back in their yard.

Sue – Let’s not do that.  They are such nice people and I’m sure it was an accident.

4 thoughts on “Laid back”

  1. Wish I could be laid back for the rest of my life. A bunch of things get on my nerves these days:S

  2. I love lolling about and procrastinating though it’s very dangerous when it comes to learning english…I think it’s the nature of our being that prefers doing low impact or low value things and that’s why there are a lot of methods nowadays like meditation or hypnosis aimed to help us stop doing this habit!!!

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