You’re a real pro!

“Wow, look at that kid. He’s a real pro at soccer.”

Slang of the day:  pro

Meaning:  someone who is really good at something – a professional

Usage:  I can’t believe what a great ping pong player you are.  You’re such a pro.


Doug – Wanna play football with me?

Tim – I don’t know.  You are so good at it.  I won’t have a chance.

Doug – I’ve seen you play too.  You’re a pro at it!

2 thoughts on “You’re a real pro!”

  1. It reminds me of the word “prodigy” – someone who has got a special talent or gift at a certain field.
    They are synonymous- pro and prodigy and I guess that pro is the initial form of the word prodigy.

  2. Prodigy has a very similar meaning. We use it a lot when talking about children. “Sam is a child prodigy with the violin, wow!”
    However, with ‘pro’, this comes from the word ‘professional’. But, yes, you are right, very similar words. 🙂

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